Making a Small Space Work: The Early Stages

So you got a wild hair up your butt and decided to trade your McMansion or sizable standard suburban home for compact living quarters. Or your landlord sold your home so you have to rapidly relocate and all that's not even remotely affordable but borderline doable is a studio apartment. You open the door and... Continue Reading →

Downsizing: Storage Unit Method

Ah, storage units. When I think about storage units, I envision large containers full of junk because on average that's what appears to be crammed inside storage units. Unmarked, dented boxes tossed haphazardly upon other boxes and furniture. I didn't know I was going to write about downsizing using storage units until I sat down... Continue Reading →

Small Space Living

540 sq ft is not ideal for us, I will admit. If I had my way, we'd still be living in our old condo. However, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to adapt to survive, especially as a solo parent. Adjust your sails and chart a new course. And ditch over... Continue Reading →

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