Begin in Chaos

Ah, the beginning…  The most important part of the story?  Maybe.  I know when I step into a bookstore to taste the goods, I tend to read the description on the back of the book and then bite right into that first chapter.  If I pulled my story off a shelf and scanned the first bit as it currently reads , I probably wouldn’t bother with the rest.  Which means neither would anyone else.   

Begin in organized chaos.  Begin in action.  Begin in the story, not before it.  Reveal slices of background– not the whole pie. 

So, if I follow these basic rules, my story actually begins on page fifteen with demented Grandpa Layne in Rosehill Manor, not page one.  The information within those cut pages is far from extraneous, though.  I just need to discover where and when to leak those details.

Pages severed.  I feel lighter already.  Now my story does begin in action and it does so with a wink.

Hmmm…  Is that a ray of light I see?


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