This weekend was all about the chit-chat.  No- I take that back.  This weekend was truly all about me sleeping half of Saturday away and then speeding directly into jogging-five-miles/nesting/cleaning/space-clearing mode Sunday.  Zero energy Saturday;  all sorts of frenetic élan Sunday.  Ironically, Miss Maya’s activity was the exact opposite of mine both days. 

But back to dialogue.  One of my tasks was to basically spy on people.  Listen to their conversations.  Note how real life chatter is broken- choppy, almost- and how people tend to recycle language.  They use the same vocabulary, phrases, expressions.  Honestly, most of the conversations I listened to were full of ignorance and composed of junior-high vocabulary spurred by elementary mentality.  Or the chit-chat was about back pain and bowel movements.  (No wonder I was exhausted on Saturday- exercised far too much restraint on Friday…)

Moving on.  I went through about two dozen pages of my story and examined the dialogue.  Thankfully, not my pages did not resemble the examples of what not to do, but I did see specific areas in which I can improve.  Nix a bit of commonplace dialogue I came across at the beginning of a few scenes.  I found some areas that could use more (or altered) conversation.  The only semi-melodramatic chatter gurgled up from Sigmund’s jowls– and once you meet Siggi, you’ll understand. 


The dialogue in my story is not majorly jacked-up, which is a blessing.  It just needs tweaking.  And deleting.  Altering.  However, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. 

At least I’m doing something right.


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