Crawling Out of My Cave

My hiatus has officially ended.  I allowed myself ample time to slack-off prior to and after Maya’s arrival;  however, since my gorgeous baby is almost 6 weeks old, a full return to work is imminent but not desired. 

My first 2010 resolution:  Drop my last 10 post-baby pounds.  Actually, I think my goal might be around 13 lbs now thanks to my month-long obsession with chocolate coupled with my doctor-ordered absence of exercise.  My 6 week check-up is Monday, so I’ve designated January 4th as my official start date, complete with weight and body measurements.  Gives me a few days to alter my diet and figure out a plan to ease back into exercise.  I’d like to be back into my pre-pregnancy jeans by April 1st.  13 lbs in about 13 weeks sounds reasonable to me.  We’ll see how that goes.

No less important:  it’s time to resume writing.  I’m easing back into it by blogging once again and toying around with ideas from creative writing books.  I can hardly believe it’s been nearly three months since my fingers tapped my keyboard, but my sluggish creative process verifies my absence.  I read through the story I was working on prior to my mind vacation and I must say that it’s not great.  Actually, I don’t like the writing at all, and if I don’t like it I can safely assume no one else is going to want to read it.  I love the story’s characters and the plot, but a great deal of work is necessary.  Maybe a creative writing class would be beneficial, if something of that sort existed in this area.  Which leads me to another resolution:  Move.  It’s going to happen this year.  Definitely. 

This past year has been a roller-coaster blur of life changing events and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.  I think it’s simply time I kick into high gear to catch up with the life that’s passing me by.


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