Commencing Operation Post-Baby Weight Loss

The six week postpartum waiting period is over.  Now it’s time to get down to business.  Well, according to my OB, I must ease back into getting down to business, that is. 

Before I became pregnant, I was fit.  FIT fit.  Size 4, tight buns, flat stomach, gorgeous toned arms fit.  I exercised nearly every day throughout my pregnancy- jogged until I was 33 weeks along, hiked 7 miles at 34 weeks, lifted weights and walked 2 miles a day up until the day before I had Maya. 

Then came the unplanned c-section.  Exercise after a c-section is frowned upon, and after I read way too many horror stories online about women who exercised early and split everything open, I decided I would practice patience.  No exercise and holiday food equals extra jiggle.  My chocolate obsession during December probably lent a few extra calories. 

Just a few…

Now the wait is over.  I have 13 pounds and many inches to lose, and I have no time to waste.  I can’t afford to buy new clothes!  Must fit into my pre-pregger wardrobe yesterday and as it stands I can’t fit my left thigh into my old jeans.  Bleh. 

Hello salads and sugar-free pudding.  Good-bye double-doubles and cookies.  Hello walking and weights and downward dogs.  Good-bye my beckoning couch with personalized butt-dent.  Hello fresh air.  Good-bye bad reality tv shows. 

My goal is to drop the weight and burn the inches by April 1st.  13 weeks for 13 pounds sounds appropriate.  Let’s see how well my goal plays with reality.  I did kick things off by lifting free-weights while watching the Biggest Loser.  That’s a start, yes?

Wish me luck.


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