10 weeks: Then and Now

I was cleaning out folders on my laptop earlier in an attempt to create space and make it stop whirring like a Hoover (a failed venture) when I came across some of my old blogs from a year ago.  It seems last year at this time I was in Vegas, drinking heartily, flitting about the strip with Maya’s daddy, and planning my move to LA.  I was completely unaware that my life was about to change.  Drastically. 

Not one single thing turned out as I thought it would. 

I would write about how freaked out I became upon learning I was preggers and how silly it was to get freaked out because my life is far better now, but since she’s sleeping now I should sleep, too! 

Maya at 10 weeks, upside down

And now Maya at 10 weeks, head up

C’mon!  Doesn’t that smile just melt your insides?

Moral of this one tiny post:  Don’t worry so much.  Look how beautifully things turn out.

It does make me wonder what my life will look like one year from now.


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