Relocation and Career Change

I need a new life.  Ok, not exactly a new life, but a new lifestyle.  Apparently this new lifestyle is not going to magically appear, either.  I have to make the changes myself. 

So, what do I want?  I want a new residence.  My current dwelling is a one bedroom apartment about 420 sq ft and my bedroom butts against a new noisy neighbor.  Oddly enough, it isn’t the small space that bothers me so (although a two bedroom would be better for a little one)- it’s that I rent a furnished place and the pieces are massive in size, which makes for limited movement.  Huge wood entertainment center, a 36 x 36 inch coffee table, large end table, and country kitchen table that could seat six.  I need a new home with my own updated furnishings.  Preferably in a new city, too.

Something like this would be a dream.

I also want to find legitimate home-based work so that I can stay home with my baby.  I despise the idea of someone else raising her.  I know it’s a career switch and I’ll need to work into it, but it’s right at the top of my goals for this year.  The problem is I don’t know where to begin.  I thought about adding part-time medical billing or data entry to get my feet wet, but so many internet offers are scams.  I’m not sure what’s legit and what’s going to take me for a ride. 

There are other things in my new lifestyle I want, too.  A better body, sex, more sleep, extra cash to stash, maybe a better grip on reality…  I can slowly add those things in later I guess. 

Current goals:  New home in new city and new career while raising new baby.  As if I don’t have enough stress in my life already.

Now I just need a plan…

If anyone out there works from home, how did you get started?


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