Life Without Text

My life has been text-free for the past ten months now.  I didn’t drop texting from my life as a psychological experiment nor did I lose a bet;  I took a butcher’s knife to my monthly expenses.  You see, when I discovered that I was pregnant and that I would have an extra $215/month to pay on medical bills, I decided to exterminate unnecessary items from my life.  Brutally.  Netflix- gone.  Magazine subscriptions- adios.  And after a tearful good-bye, I cancelled all extras on my BlackBerry.  Thus, my do-everything phone is now just a plain old phone.

Interesting thing about not having texting capabilities- you don’t hear as much from your friends and relatives.  Texting is the new phone call as email is the new hand-carried letter.  If you don’t have texting or email, you’re basically a nonexistent entity.  On one hand, this can be a blessing.  I don’t get into texting fights with loved ones.  I’m in no danger of drinking one too many and shooting off come-hither messages.  I don’t feel obligated to respond to anything and I never have the urge to text while driving (bad, bad habit). 

On the other hand, I miss the ability to shoot off one comment or one question without having to actually call someone and get stuck in an hour-long conversation about nothing.  I miss keeping tabs on my son.  I also miss waking up in the morning and discovering my friends’ drunk texts on my phone.

Life without text is quieter.  Simpler.  But much less social.  Texting kept me connected with long-distance friends.  It made saying hello and tossing wisecracks much quicker.  It was easier to stay close to my teenage son. 

I’ve pared down my life and made do with basics for almost one year now, but I have to admit I miss my texting most out of everything I cut.  I’ll probably add it back in sometime in the near future and resume my text play (minus the driving and come-hithers), but until then I’m still available to chat. 

Just dial and talk.


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