Help Scour the Universe for Extra Time

I need some help from moms and dads out there. 

I am a single mom who is blessed with a lovely 2 month old girl and a full-time job, and I’m trying to squeeze in time to finish the book I started writing over a year ago.  I don’t want to steal more time away from my daughter.  I miss her like crazy when I’m working, so when I’m home with her I want to be fully present and enjoy her.  My nights are already cluttered with dinner, clean-up, and bathing, breast-feeding, and playing with Maya.  I can’t add in an hour or two of writing time.

I try to write when she falls asleep, but by then I typically feel mentally and creatively drained.  I end up with pages of drivel.  My mornings are a blur between shower, breakfast, feeding and changing Maya, and then rushing off to daycare and work.  I’m still trying to find a time slot for exercise, too.  Argh! 

I don’t know from which magical realm I can pluck more time. 

So, how do you do it?  How do you manage and what tricks can you share?  How do you get your brain to switch from mommy/daddy mode to creative writer mode? 

Am I simply expecting too much of myself at this time?


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