My Cheesy V-Day Love Post


It comes in all shapes and sizes.

It can save you or break you.  Drive you to laugh or cry.  Make you sing or bring you to your knees.  It can lie to you and leave you or stick by you when life throws a curve ball.

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day which makes most people think of romantic, slobbery love.  A day of “I love you’s” and flowers and chocolates and diamonds and sex.  However, there are many single people out there like myself who won’t be getting jack-sh*t.  No smooching in my little world.  But love isn’t just belly butterflies and full-body shivers. 

Love is everywhere if you look for it.

Even better, it’s not only available on an overrated, $ driven holiday- it’s at your fingertips every hour of every day.  It’s in the kindness of a stranger.  A wet kiss from your chocolate lab.  The comforting hug of a friend.

Love is right in front of you, in your first-born child who will soon be a man.

Love abounds from an unexpected, perfect addition to your little family. 

Love, like life, is what you make of it.  You can choose to cherish someone on one day of the year or you can show him every single day that you’re incredibly lucky to him in your life. 

You can open your heart and take a chance or later regret never trying. 

You can sit and wait forever for love to fall into your lap, or you can choose to give love all the time and not take one moment for granted, because life truly does speed by. 

Love with everything you have and carve it into your life.

Not into a tree.


5 thoughts on “My Cheesy V-Day Love Post

      1. michellestodden

        ? To check out your blog? I did! I went to click on your Valentine’s Day gifts post and my computer overheated and shut off. Old laptop. Sorry 😦 Will try again!


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