Loving My New HP

My world this week:

Still attempting to kick my illness.  Throat continues to pain me, but at least the green goobery stuff is no longer present.  I can breathe through my nose.  After being nasally blocked for quite some time, the ability to smell and taste food again is a delight.

I bought a new HP and am toying around with it.  It’s pretty damn slick compared to my ancient  Compaq Presario.  I seem to keep straying from my basic black mode I’ve lived in since I was a teen:  My new laptop is a lovely white and silvery gray color.  Very pretty. 

It came loaded with Windows 7, which I must admit I enjoy, and a bunch of other programs like Skype that I need to dink around with.  When I gently click my little button in the corner to turn it on, it doesn’t whirrrrrrl for ten minutes first.  As I’m writing or scanning the internet, this beauty doesn’t sound like a Hoover and it’s so fast.  Oh!  I can also watch videos and tv shows without my computer overheating and abruptly shutting off.  It also comes with a small remote control for dvd-watching.  I’m in LOVE with this computer.

Now, I don’t know if I’m swayed because I switched from an older laptop or if it’s the HP design, but I think it’s visually stunning.  The screen is a 14.1″ widescreen display, which is bright and beautiful to look at- Maya goes into a trance while looking at it.  My fingers have so much fun tapping across this keyboard and the touchpad is smooth.  I’m simply loving this.  I was reluctant at first because it was $100 more than I planned to spend, but I can already see that the extra amount is well worth it.  Yay for me! 

I still have to load my picture program so I can transfer and tweak snapshots of my darling Maya.  I take that back- I don’t have to because I can simply take the memory card out of the camera and slide it right into the media reader (another fantastic feature), but I prefer to have my program on it.  I’m in the process of transferring my written material so I can get down to business.  I want to make this investment work for me.

Anyway, I’ll let you know what I think of my HP as time progresses.  So far, it’s most definitely a keeper.  However, between playing with my new baby and tinkering with my new computer (oh-and being ill), I haven’t been exercising.  Bad!  Must get my act together.

Now I’m off to get the princess ready for daycare and myself ready for work.  Right now she’s propped in the sofa corner playing and talking to her toys and watching VH1.  What a doll she is.

Ay.  My new life is so very busy…


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