3 Month-Old Maya

Oh, Maya Papaya, my lovely surprise.  Three months ago today you came into my life.  You seemed so small and fragile.  Little did I know what a sturdy babe you really were.  Everyone who saw you fell right in love with you, and who could blame them?  You were blessed with intense blue eyes, a plump mouth, and the sweetest disposition.  Everyone said you were like a little China doll. 

Well, guess what?  You still are.  A China doll with a propensity to grace us with poop blow-outs that extend clear up into your armpits.  Just like last weekend when we were out shopping and I had to clear space out in my trunk so I could strip you down to your socks and clean you off.  Tangerine colored poop everywhere.  You just smiled and seemed to enjoy the sun warming your tiny butt.

You’re three months old today, buttercup, and here’s what is happening in your life:

You’re 24 1/2 inches long and weigh in at 12 lbs 10 oz- one ounce off from a five-pound weight gain since birth. 

You’re on a fairly regular schedule.  Usually up between 5 and 6 am and in bed around 9 or 10.  You always wake up with a silly grin on your face. 

You stop while in the middle of feeding now to smile and jabber to me.  I hear myself already saying, “Stop yapping away and finish eating, Maya papaya.”  And you already aren’t listening. 

Speaking of yapping, you babble a lot.  A lot as in all the time.  You come by it naturally, though.  Your dad is quite the talker.  You also giggle at certain things now.  Like when I jiggle my arm flab while making weird noises to accompany my weird faces.  Or when I shake my butt to music in the morning.  Or when I’m trying to squeeze into my jeans by doing yoga-like moves to stretch them out.  For some reason you think that’s hilarious.  You’re ticklish, too, right under your arms and chin, and sometimes your feet.

You like baths and you really like massage time after.  Your eyes light up when I get to the last part- your feet. 

One thing I will add is that you have quite the temper.  You are almost always a happy, easy-going girl, but when you get mad, you get MAD.  When you want to eat, you want to eat RIGHT THEN and God help anyone who doesn’t immediately comply.  If you can’t see everything that’s going on around you, you get so angry.  However, you’re easy to appease.  Boob (or bottle if not with me) in your mouth and you’re fine.  Turn you around so you can see the world and you’re instantly happy again.

You love people, too.  Oh boy, do they love you.  You have fierce gaze that mesmerizes people.  Oh- and you love to flirt already.  You can bat your long eyelashes and show off your dimples and have someone wrapped around your little finger within seconds.  Geez.

Three months ago my world turned upside down once again, and I’m a better person because of you.  I’m so excited to see you become a remarkable young lady, but until then:  Slow down!  Stop growing so fast!!  Be my baby for a while longer.  It’s just you and me, kid, and I’m going to do the best I can to be an exceptional role model for you. 

I love you, Miss Maya.


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