The Woombie

I’m not much of a product blogger, but I love this sleeper and feel the need to give it my nod of approval.

I first saw the Woombie when I was flipping through a parenting magazine in my OB’s office while waiting for my 5th or 6th month prenatal check.  There was a blurb telling about this “must-have” peanut-shaped sleeper and how the Woombie is highly recommended by pediatricians because it eliminates the need for blankets in the crib (which in turn reduces the risk of SIDS).  So I stuck it on my baby-shower wish list and I’m happy I did so.

I will admit, I almost gave up trying to use it.  I took it to the hospital and zipped her into it the second night we were there, and she slept beautifully.  However, she spit up on it when the nurse checked her vitals and we had to remove it.  I didn’t get it cleaned until a week or so later, and when I tried to use it again she was pretty stubborn about keeping it on.  I swaddled her in receiving blankets for a week, but I constantly woke up in fear that my wiggle-worm would pull the blanket up over face- and one night she did.  I thought about buying the Halo SleepSack, but wanted to avoid the possibility of any fabric covering her face.  I decided it was time to give the Woombie another shot.

It took three tries to get her to used to it, but since then there has been no looking back.

The Woombie does indeed look like a peanut.  The cotton/spandex blend is super soft and gives the fabric a nice stretch.  Maya is snuggled like she would be in a burrito-wrap, but she has the ability to adjust herself just as she would in the womb.  It also prevents her from waking due to the Moro reflex (startle reflex).  I never worry about excess fabric covering her face nor am I concerned about overheating.  She sleeps right through the night and always wakes up with a sweet smile on her face.

Maya in her new big baby Woombie:

If you’re looking for a great gift for a baby shower or if you’re an expecting mom, I would definitely put this on a must-have list.  Just remember to give the baby a couple of days to get used to it and they’ll love it.


One thought on “The Woombie

  1. Tricia

    Thanks for considering the HALO SleepSack wearable blanket. After reading your post I wanted to re-assure you that the HALO SleepSack Swaddles are designed with safety as the first priority. The stay-fixed loops and generous Velcro fasteners are designed to prevent the swaddle from bunching up around a baby’s face. The arm and neck openings are carefully sized so that they are comfortable, yet not so large as to permit a baby’s head from accidentally slipping down inside the garment. And finally, all the wearable blankets are sleeveless, to help prevent overheating and the risk of fabric getting up around a baby’s face and interfering with breathing. If used properly, Halo SleepSack swaddles are an extremely safe and effective way to swaddle your baby. If you have any additional question regarding the HALO SleepSack products, I would be happy to address them. You can contact me at


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