Beauty in the Mundane

Have you ever been doing something completely ordinary- an everyday sort of activity- when suddenly there’s a shift inside of you and everything appears as if you’re seeing it for the first time?  I experienced that sensation yesterday as I was driving to pick up Maya.  As I approached the exit, I glanced over at the mountains and was immediately struck by a sense of awe.  A storm was blowing through and massive mounds of gray were rocking the mountains, leaving behind chalk white spires. 

For a brief moment, I forgot I was in Mesquite. 

I wanted to take pictures, but hauling around a 3 month-old in 40 degree weather to take random shots just for the hell of it was not an option.  It did make me remember how much I loved taking pictures and how I used to wander through Mesquite and snap random shots.  Doing so made me view ordinary objects in an extraordinary way.  I tried to find beauty in the mundane.  I haven’t done that in a long time. 

I scanned through some of the old pics I took of Mesquite and the immediate outlying area, and I thought I’d share some. 

Construction site:

Old farm equipment:

Golf course in the early morning:

Drainage system:

Bridge over the Virgin River:


Farmer looking for his wayward cows:


Statue in the desert:

Bridge outside of town:

I think if I can find beauty in toads and bridges and drainage systems, then maybe I can find some beauty in my facial creases and c-section scar and cellulite. 



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