Language of Babyhood

I have entered a new world:  Babyhood.  It seems my language evolves as products evolve. 

Baby Bjorn.  Woombie.  Bumbo.  Ergo. 

Boppy.  Puj tub.  Baby Einstein everything.  BOB and Bugaboo.

Diaper Dude and Petunia Pickle Bottom.  Svan and Boon and Stokke and a bunch of other uber-cool Scandanavian sounding products that are far too expensive for my Walmart budget.

It’s also becoming more difficult for me to ascertain whether a product is truly a necessity or a luxury.  Do I really need a bumbo?  Probably not.  Did I get one anyway?  Of course.  Do I need a Baby Einstein exersaucer and jumper?  No, especially given my limited living space.  Do I have both?  Yep.  Absolutely  ridiculous.  (However, the exersaucer was only 20 bucks and I didn’t even buy it.  Er, does that make it okay?)

I need to get myself under control.  I broke my obsession with baby girl clothes early on, and now I must stop picking up multitudinous baby books and toys.  Just because I see them at TJ Maxx for three or four dollars doesn’t mean they must be mine- well, Maya’s- even if she does absolutely love it when I read to her. 

But you be the judge on the jumper:  A winner?

With a smile like that, I say yes!


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