Saturday’s Gone Again

Another Saturday of my life drifted right on by while I accomplished not much of anything on my to-do list and yet seemed a busy-body throughout the afternoon.  I did get in a brief spell of relaxation as Maya and I hung out on the balcony.  We’re now removed from my condo overlooking the pool area with its ongoing clusters of loudmouthed geriatrics and boisterous drunks, and instead we have trees.  Trees and quiet neighbors and a corridor view of the peaks of the snow-capped Virgin Mountains.  It’s a ten-fold improvement. 

I dug out a gray comforter from the closet and belted Maya into her bouncy seat and there we were, tucked under the awning and out of the sun’s direct glare, breathing in the gorgeous day.  Maya took turns blowing raspberries, yelling (just because she can), and gazing the leaves fluttering on trees.  I watched her miniature toes wiggle as a breeze blew through.  It caught her breath, and she closed her eyes and grinned.  Fluffy white seeds from the cottonwood trees chased each other around palm trees and bounced through the balcony bars to tickle Maya’s nose and drown in my Gatorade.  The smell of grilled hamburgers and carne asada drifted down from the exhibition at the casino and drenched our air.  I wanted to eat it up. 

We met the neighbors who were also keen to crawl out of their holes.  Nice, young (by Mesquite standards) people who went gaga over the little miss, except for Bella the Yorkshire.  She didn’t jump on the I-adore-Maya bandwagon.  Yet. 

So now it’s Sunday and there’s more laundry and dishes and sweeping to do, but that’s the way it goes.  You have to take time to get the babes out and into fresh air.  Which reminds me- it’s National Park Week.  Entrance to ALL national parks is free through the 25th!  If you don’t have a pass, take advantage of this opportunity and get out for a walk or hike.  I think next weekend will be perfect for Maya’s first trip to Zion.  If you’ve never been and are in the Utah/Arizona/Nevada area, GO!  It’s awesome.  Start planning your June hike down the narrows now.  🙂

Anyway, the queen of the castle calls…


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