Exhausted, but happily so.

I wrote tonight.  Not emails or a grocery list, but an honest-to-goodness conversation between Lacy and Adam where he discovers that his father might not be dead after all.  I worked on my story tonight and it felt fantastic.  I miss it.  I miss falling into a story and suddenly realizing that you’ve created such a well-developed character that he feels real.  I miss that sense of accomplishment and tingling sensation of creativity. 

I miss it and I want you to help me stay on top of my game.  I need a nudge every now and then, because I have an amazing story to tell, but I’ve been off-track for a while.  Understandably so, but no more excuses.  I started working on  this idea nearly a year and a half ago, and I’m nowhere near completion. 

So what exactly is this story about, you’re asking?  It’s about love, of course.  Fighting for love and not taking one moment for granted.  This is how I (briefly) described it to a friend quite some time ago…

The Love Larcenist is (thus far):  a thieving squirrel named Priti (Indian Sanskrit for “love”) who lives in the tree above a couple’s townhome and steals not only random clothing items and basketball hoops, but snatches and hides wasted moments and all the lovely whispers the couple withheld from each other.  She steals away everything they’ve taken for granted and buries it along a trail.  Their love slowly dies until the man’s demented grandfather places a map in their hands and sends them on a journey to reclaim the wedding ring he lost so many years ago.  It’s a bizarre, beautiful, and humorous journey filled with odd characters like Miles the cat (a trail guide who starts off as a chain-smoking, jazz-playing cat, but with every untimely death changes cat type- ranging from a French artist-cat to a stuffed animal cat complete with a drawstring that when pulled gives advice or smartass comments), a cast of humming dragonflies, a Jedi-wannabe bovine named Sigmund, killer caterpillars, a turtle and a hare who run a coffee shop, (sea)shell phones, randomly placed windows that look in on the “normal” world and can act as gateways, and many other head-rattling characters/events. 

It’s changed slightly since its original conception- I’ve changed a few characters and added in a bizarre,”adventure-guide” named Dick Kabonic and barges full of little people- and I’m sure it will change much more before fruition, but I’m excited about it.  I haven’t been able to get this story out of my head since the moment it came to mind and I must finish it! 

So help me out, y’all.  Pester me!  I will thank you for it later.  I promise.


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