Somebody Pinch Me

The clock has not yet struck nine and the little stinker is in bed asleep.  She must think it’s my birthday or something.  Every day seems the same and it’s a race from the moment Maya begins babbling at 5:30am until she crashes usually around 9:30 or 10.  Day slips into the following day and one week chases the next.  I don’t know to what magical land my missing hours escape, but I want to go, too.  I want to reclaim that time.

What to do with the sole hour I’ve had to myself in… well, a long while?  That’s right kids: write.  And not write on a silly blog that only a few dozen people (mostly my dear family) check out on any given day.  It’s story time.  I have an hour before I begin to nod off, so every minute counts.

I have notecards to arrange.  A character to further develop.  A beer to crack open.  And I need to stuff a cork in Tweety before he wakes up Maya Papaya.

I leave you with these pics of the lovely Maya at the park:


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