Times Are A-Changing

This is a sight I never, ever thought I would see again:

Baby food. 

During this stage of my life, my cupboards should be overflowing with grown-up foods and gourmet spices.  I should have a well-stocked bar and wine cooler.  Frozen hors d’oeuvres for spontaneous gatherings.  Instead I have baby food.  A mammoth high-chair will rest in my “bar” area.  Peek inside my freezer and you’ll see bags of breast milk instead of puff pastries.


However, instead of listening to chatty, opinionated adults, I hear baby belly laughs.  Baby food is considerably less expensive than Grey Goose or Disaronno.  And I never, ever have to put on mascara or style my hair to hang out with Maya. 

Maybe baby food isn’t so bad after all.


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