My Body is Almost 29% Fat and it Sucks but I’m Extraordinary

Okay, y’all.  I had more hits yesterday than I have in quite some time, but not a soul had any suggestions for me.  Suck.  However, the formatting is clicking for me after watching a few movies and then studying the screenplays.  I just need a massive brainstorming session, and (hurray!) I have a three-day weekend to do it. 

Bad news:  I’m just a mess.  I still need to drop that last 5 pounds and I’m now having dreams that Jillian Michaels is breathing down my neck about it.  I weighed myself and obtained my fat % yesterday- yikes.  Oh- I also measured various body parts.  Must get serious about this.  You know you haven’t been exercising in a while when a cop bumps into you and says, “I haven’t seen you out running in a while.”  Ack.  Everyone keeps saying but you just had a baby, however that’s no longer an excuse in my book.  My baby is 7 months old now.  I can afford to unload a bit of junk in this trunk.

Good news:  A man called me extraordinary.  I think a woman should hear that sort of compliment every day.  What a boost to your self-esteem.  It’s makes you feel like you have a new haircut.

Tonight calls for a workout (aside from chasing Maya, that is) and maybe a glass of wine while I fling ideas. 

You have a wonderful evening.


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