The solution to my screenplay problem crashed into my lap right out of nowhere yesterday while I was rooming patients.  I was so excited I nearly peed my pants, but instead went to town jotting everything down onto sticky pads left long ago by drug reps.  Scene after scene spilled out and I captured all that I could.  I have a catchy opening, a catalyst, and the big event that fills up act 1- everything I needed to set the story in motion and keep it rolling.  I already have some scenes and obstacles for the meat of the movie, and a possible crisis to spin it into the resolution.  When I described the movie to Josh, he became excited and visualized the same actor that came to my mind as I was creating this character.  I cannot describe the feeling of elation I continue to have as I pound this out.  I know that at some point it will slow down and I’ll be gnawing my pencil again, but until then I’m going to enjoy this ride.

I have Monday off (hurray!), so hopefully I’ll have plenty of writing time.  Meanwhile, it’s pencil to notecards and scribbles in my notebooks.  Must check out celtx software to see if it’s a good free substitute for final draft.  Anyone know anything about it?  Reviews are pretty good. 

At any rate, have a fun, safe holiday weekend!


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