Momentarily Stuck

My muse is in hiding.  I suspect it could be due to Maya’s rowdy behavior as of late, but it could also be that my stress level has increased and is deterring creative vibes…

I started writing that yesterday and since then have managed to get back on track.  I decided that I needed to put in the work with or without my muse and try to kick right through this slight block.  I started brainstorming last night.  Played the “what if” game.  What if this scene took place inside?  What if I didn’t have that extra character in the scene?  What if it took place at the crack of dawn instead of at night?  It worked, and now I’m somewhat back on track.  I’m supposed to be working on Act II right now so I’m a bit behind schedule, but that’s ok.  Maybe this weekend will be highly productive.

Maybe Maya will allow this weekend to be highly productive for me, is what I mean to say.

Speaking of my darling babe…  Miss Maya decided to throw a drama-queen temper tantrum this morning.  She kept trying to crawl up me while I was doing the dishes, and then she fell back and smacked her head on the floor.  I picked her up, made sure she was ok, soothed her, and then sat her in the living room by her toys.  She proceeded to have a mini-meltdown when I went back over to finish cleaning her bottles.  Next thing I know, she’s beside me again, reaching for my leg.  I lifted my leg out of her reach and told her I would pick her up in just a few minutes (not that she understands, but I try to at least acknowledge her).  She burst into tears, dramatically crawled into the bathroom, threw herself face-first into the rug, kicked her legs, and started crying “DADADADAAADADADADAAAA”.

I was amused but pretended not to notice.  After all, she has no clue what she’s saying- it’s just babble.  (At any rate, I’m not sure whether or not B would run to her rescue.  Probably.  Sucker.)  After about 15 seconds, she sat up and looked over at me like aren’t you going to do anything?  When it was obvious I wasn’t going to coddle her, she went on about her business of chewing on books and waving hello to her owl picture. 

Sigh.  I refuse to fall prey to the drama queen bs and encourage that behavior.  No way.  My mom said I didn’t do that when I was little, so this one falls on someone else…


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