I find myself saying that more and more as the days pass.  “No, Maya.”  No, no, no.  She’s 9 months old now and into everything.  I didn’t have this issue with Josh.  He was perfectly content to play with whichever toy happened to be right in front of him.  Not Maya.  I’m constantly saying “no” and relocating her to another section of the room.  Of course, this trick no longer works.  She scurries right back to finish the activity I took her away from.  This is exhausting.  So exhausting, in fact, that I’ve stooped to using the Baby Einstein dvds when I need a break- both physically and mentally.  I’m not proud of the fact that I’m using tv, but right now I simply do not care because it’s the only thing that will entertain her long enough for me to catch my breath and make a margarita. 

I’m just kidding on that last part.  But that’s only because I don’t have any margarita mix.

My screenplay went on a near-hiatus this past week.  Hopefully everything will return to something resembling normalcy so that I can get back on track.  Again.  Nine days to complete the rough draft.  I’m not so sure that’s a possibility, but I’ll just keep doing what I can.  No, I take that back.  That’s what I’ve been saying for too long now and it ends up being my crutch- the whole “do what I can” bit.  I already smell a cop-out and quite frankly it makes me sick.  No excuses, I said.  So no means no.

If no means no, then I guess I should stop typing this drivel and get busy…  If I can keep my eyes open long enough.  I think it’s time to switch back to full strength coffee and drink up!


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