Switching Things Up

I feel myself hitting a plateau with both my weight loss and my writing.  I need to shake things up and switch my routines to keep from getting bored and giving up.  I tried to go jogging the other night after Maya went to bed and the sun long departed the sky, but it was still too damn hot- well over 100 degrees F after 9:30pm.  I could only jog a couple of miles.  I tried to do yoga, but Maya thinks it’s fun to try to hang on my legs while I’m in warrior pose or bounce on my back when I’m doing an upward dog, so that wasn’t a success.  So… I guess the switcheroo for exercise will have to wait a few more weeks. 

As far as writing, nights are not working well for me.  I’m so drained by the time Maya hits the sack that I can’t think straight.  All creativity slowly leaks from my pores throughout the day and I’m reduced to spilling blather.  It’s sad.  The only thing left to do is somehow force myself to rise earlier yet.  Although, I did talk my mom into babysitting Saturday night for a few hours (as well as housing Josh for the evening) so that I could have quiet time to focus.  Hopefully my muse will be in town and ready to crank out brilliance on my behalf because at this rate, there’s no chance in hell I’m making my deadline.


2 thoughts on “Switching Things Up

  1. …girl, i think we’re currently living the same life.
    i hate the in betweens
    and right now
    i am stuck

    yoga seems to encourage, mommy, watch me now
    eating healthy…an impossibility in the land of those damn lunch snackables
    and when i’m not in the flow…my literary mojo just seems to conk out
    ….so we keep on keeping on til, well, i guess we’ll see.


    1. When my son was little he got his head stuck inbetween the spindles of our staircase and we had to use Crisco to grease up his noggin’ in order to slide him out.

      We should invent Life Crisco to get ourselves unstuck.


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