Boring Labor Day Weekend

Seriously uneventfully, but that’s fine.  Miss Maya finally has a new big-girlish carseat and a high chair.  Long, long overdue.  The carseat is pretty much fugly, but it is plush, safe, and it was $60 off at Target.  Bonus.  High chair is a cheapie, but it works.  She likes it, so I guess that’s all that matters.  We discovered that she’s either allergic or highly sensitive to fish.  I gave her a bit of my tilapia and she broke out into a rash.  No more fishies for Maya. 

I haven’t been feeling well, so my exercise and writing routines are currently in a holding pattern.  I was originally hoping this would be a highly productive weekend, screenplay-wise.  It wasn’t at all.  I think I needed some time off from trying to be supergirl.  Instead, I spent the weekend just being a mom. 

Tomorrow I will get back into the groove. 


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