The Tail End of Breastfeeding

I’m weaning Maya from breastfeeding, or rather, she’s weaning me, and I’m having mixed feelings about it.  She hasn’t been feeding much during the weekend days for a while now; she’s far too busy playing with toys to stay put and eat.  A bottle travels along with her- I don’t.  I’ve continued to pump at work as I have since she was six weeks old, but quite frankly I’m tired of it.  My supply has greatly diminished, too, which makes me feel frustrated when I pump and pump and only walk away with a few ounces.  So, this was my first pump-free week since last December, and I’ve felt guilty all week, like I’m robbing her of food.

I know it’s silly to feel that way.  She does absolutely fine on formula.  I’ve had to supplement for at least the past 6 weeks and have no problems.  Plus, she eats at least 3-4 Tbsp of food at each meal, so she’s not going hungry.  She’s flourishing on the growth curve.  It’s just me.  I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I’m giving up on supplying her with the best “formula” for her. 

Maya’s closing in on 10 months now and I’m still breastfeeding in the morning and at night, so I guess I’m still doing pretty good.  I’m not quite ready to give that up yet and I don’t think she is either.  I just need to get past my feelings guilt about no longer pumping. 

Oh- if you make your own baby food (as I try to do for Maya), check out Weelicious.  I’ve tried a few of the recipes on Maya and she loves them.  They are so tasty and nutritious.  I keep a few jars of baby food on hand for days when I’m running late for work, but otherwise I puree her foods.  The quality of food is simply so much better and I know exactly what’s going into her mouth.  I wish there would have been more information like this readily available when Josh was a baby.  I definitely would have done things differently for him.  Too late now. 

I guess the baby formula and random hotdogs didn’t damage him after all.

Just as weaning Maya isn’t going to damage her, either.


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