Music to Soothe the Savage Baby

I have no idea what it is about this song.  Personally, I think it’s amazing.  I love the lyrics, I love the music, I adore this man.  This song takes me back to a time when I was head over feet for a man who lived near the East coast.  The spring after this song emerged, I did travel east; not only to explore that beautiful part of the country and bounce around the Carolinas, but to spend time with him. 

I never saw him during my travels.

However, this isn’t about my past; it’s about babies and their love for this song.  There’s something about this melody by Mat Kearney that chills a little one right down.  I used to play this song for my nephew Alex when he was cranky or wouldn’t settle down for bed.  It never failed to calm him down.  I just tried it on Maya this past weekend and bam!  Worked like a charm.  I don’t know why I didn’t try it earlier.

It doesn’t matter if I play the song or if I sing it myself, she chills out immediately.  This evening she was bouncing off the walls, quite literally, and I was trying to get her to settle down for bed.  Josh suggested I sing it to her, and by the second verse she was snuggled in my arms, sweet as pie.  It’s almost freaky.

At any rate, if you can’t seem to soothe your savage baby, play this song and see what happens.  After all, it can’t hurt to try.  Let me know if it works for you, too.


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