Plunge Into Dating… Help!


It’s been a long time since I’ve been “out there.”  As in a long, long time.  Of course, during part of this relationship void I was pregnant, and another chunk of the void was due to the fact that I thought I still had a relationship with Maya’s dad. 

Flash forward six months after the (brutal) truth was exposed.  I thoroughly exhausted all possibilities of reconciliation and gave myself plenty of time to repair the broken bits and regain my self-confidence.  Now I feel ready.  The problem is, well…  As a long-time male friend said to me, “Shell, the gene pool around here is pretty shallow.”  Eek.  Unfortunately, he’s right.  Since I’m not all into the Vegas bar scene nor do I have the time for it, that leaves few options.  Friends of friends (all married), church functions (not really into that scene either), or…

Online dating. 

I have no idea if any of it really works.  I know people who have done it, but I know no one who has found a successful, long-term relationship from online dating.  I’ve seen all the commercials for eharmony and and whatever else is out there, but they’re commercials.  They are selling the possibility of love and they have to try to make it look as dreamy and fabulous as can be. 

However, I’m willing to try it.  I’d like to find someone special again and maybe this time have it be real on their end, too.  I miss that feeling you get when you have a certain connection with someone and they turn into your best friend and more.  I miss those simple things:  snuggling with someone on the sofa while watching movies, hiking together, kicking back with a beer and chatting about life, inside jokes, even sharing morning coffee together.  I miss it all.  I want it.  To be honest, it would be wonderful to find someone who will love Maya as his own, too.  She deserves an awesome dad, but that’s not why I’m putting feelers out there.  I’m simply ready to start a new chapter.  I’m pretty open to finding someone anywhere but here, too. 

So if any of you have ventured into online dating, tell me how it worked out for you- especially single parents out there.  Which site did you use?  Pros and cons?

I’d love to hear about your experience.


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