Give Us All Your Money, Honey

That’s what I’ve discovered thus far about online dating.  If you want to communicate, you have to pay- not that I’ve desired communication as of yet.  But still, “Free Communication” is a load of poops.  I also discovered via consumer complaint website (I research before shelling out the dough) that eharmony places your credit card on auto-renewal and apparently it’s a bitch and a half to cancel.  Losing a lot of money is not something I need right.  Losing any money just for the remote possibility that I might get a date with someone is about the silliest thing I could do right now.  Not going to happen. requires moolah, too.  I glanced at a couple of free sites (which you first must sign up- PIA), but the photos of men were scary to say the least.  Most look like they were released from the state penitentiary yesterday.  Maybe they’re still in prison.  I don’t know and I don’t want to find out.

So, although I think I’m ready to dip my toes in the waters once again, I think I’ll wait before diving into the online dating pool.  Maybe I’ll bump into someone fabulous at a bookstore (single dad putting on an impromptu puppet show in the kid’s section perhaps?) or while hiking or at the park.  After I move to a real city, of course (nothing of the sort here).  Oh well.  I am so damn busy with the papaya and the teen that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.  The little princess is waking up earlier every day, too, which means my day starts earlier.  But she isn’t going to bed any earlier.  Suck!  Plus, there are a few things I’d like to finish before I expend energy and spread myself too thin with a new relationship.  Such as…

Screenplay.  I wrote a few more pages last night and I’m going to write some more in about five minutes.  Awesome.  I know I’m overwriting, but I’ll edit it a million times later, so it’s no big deal.  First drafts are seldom great anyway.  Have you read the first draft of The Hangover?  That movie was awesome; first draft was so-so, but loaded with potential.  That’s my aim at the very least: Load it with potential, then I can mine for diamonds.  And it has potential.  Without a doubt.  Solid storyline, interesting characters, plagued with problems and forehead-smacking, absurd (yet strangely realistic) situations, and a not-too-cheesy, good ending.  One that leaves you smiling, but not rolling your eyes.  I know I sound pretty damn confident here, but it’s the truth.  The story is awesome.  It’s my writing that will need the work.  Argh! 

Speaking of work…  Time to get down to business and take advantage of the thirty minutes of baby-free lunchtime I have.  Off to write!

**Addendum:  If you’re not looking to spend a chunk of $ on Final Draft, Celtx is perfect and free!  I love it.


2 thoughts on “Give Us All Your Money, Honey

  1. wayfaringthoughts

    Good luck with your writing and dating. On a good day, both subjects make life seem so fresh and beautiful. On bad days both can question the desire to live. Or, maybe that’s just me?

    Anyway, great post and good luck! =)


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