Not the Day Off I Wanted

Yesterday afternoon I was examining the calendar and trying to determine the best time to take a couple of days off to hike with Josh and focus solely on writing without Miss Maya around.  It seems like anytime I start planning for a day off, I get a day off- though not by choice. 

Maya, my littlest pooper, is one sick puppy.  Fever, lethargic, doesn’t want to play OR eat, wants to sit on my lap and cuddle, hasn’t tried to unravel the roll of toilet paper or drag out any pots and pans, vomited chunks all over herself and me at 1:30am, squatted and pooped and peed on my carpet as I was trying to air out her rash-clad bottom, and refused to sleep in her crib at all last night.  Cried any time I tried to put her in it, thus she slept in my arms, which meant I did not sleep.  Blah. 

So, I get a day off to try to make my babe better. 

Oh well.  Maybe I can finish a few scenes while she’s zoning out to Fraggle Rock.  Speaking of scenes, I had another creative boost yesterday during lunch.  I keep forgetting that my muse only makes an appearance when I’m also participating in the writing process.  It was awesome.  I’m making some fresh coffee and inviting the muse over for a cup of joe this afternoon when crashes for her afternoon nap.  We have some catching up to do.

**My sweet baby is in my arms, her tired blue eyes staring up at me, and she’s gently tracing my cheek and nose and mouth with her tiny fingers and carefully touching my eyelashes as though she’s trying to memorize every inch of my face.  It breaks my heart.


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