Ahh… Sweet Sleep

Finally a night of (semi) rest.  I feel partially human again instead of an emotionless, mentally void zombie. 

Much to my dismay, I haven’t been sleeping at all lately.  Maya has been waking up 3-6 times a night crying and the lack of shut-eye has placed a crushing strain on my life.  I’ve had bouts of insomnia over the years, but those sleepless nights don’t compare to this forced wakeful state.  It’s taken a toll on every area of my life.  My face appears haggard.  I’m unfocused, lack drive, impatient, and irritable.  I have to summon extraordinary willpower to get out the door and go for a walk or jog.  My creativity is nonexistent.  These sleepless night steal all the joy out of my life, and I can’t imagine it’s much fun for my baby, either.

However, I think I might have found the problem and a solution.  (Cross fingers, everyone.)  She’s uncomfortable.  I did something incredibly simple, but apparently effective:  I bought some slightly looser pajamas and I took her out of her Halo sleepsack.   I was thinking about the problem and noticed that she tosses and turns a lot, which is the main reason I placed her in the Halo sack.  I didn’t want her to become entangled in a blanket and suffocate.  But her Halo sack is now fitting her just right, and when she wiggles around in her sleep, it bunches and she doesn’t have room to stretch out.  Frustrating, right?  So, I left it off of her last night and voila!  She slept all night and is still sleeping right now.  I woke up a few times to check on her because of the blanket situation, but waking up on my own is nothing like waking up to an inconsolable, screaming baby. 

Problem solved?  We’ll see.  I have a larger Halo sleepsack ordered because I LOVE it and up until recently she has, too.  I never worry about material bunching around her face nor do I worry about her crawling out of her crib because it’s impossible in the sleepsack.  Awesome. 

I woke up this morning and nearly leapt out of bed.  I feel like a brand-new woman.  Unstoppable, merely due to that simple thing called sleep. 

I hope it lasts…

Now if I can solve her explosive, stick-directly-into-bathtub-clothes-and-all, massive poops.  Last night and AGAIN this morning…  Nasty!!


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