Maya’s First 525,900 Minutes

Dear Maya, my darling little stinker:

This first year with you has been quite an adventure.  I suspected that if I ever had another baby, he/she would be the exact opposite of my mellow Josh, and I was right on the money.  At the beginning, you didn’t let on to your real self.  While we were in the hospital, the nurses couldn’t stop talking about how you were such a beautiful, quiet baby, and it’s true; you hardly made a peep!

However, by the time you were a month into your life outside the womb, you unleashed your true nature (should you not receive your food PRONTO.  Raawr!  You love to eat.  And when I say love, I mean LOVE.  Anything I place in front of you, you will eat.  For that matter, you will try to eat anything you find on the floor, too.  Even a stray bit of chopped-up onion.  You’re like a puppy.

You’ve hit all your milestones right on target, but I will say you’ve done so with attitude.  You don’t have a fear of strangers so much as distain.  You’ll sit in the shopping cart, batting your gorgeous blue eyes and smiling with those full cupid lips, but should anyone approach, your grin turns into a snarl.  What a tease. 

You don’t talk; you holler and everyone must pay attention.  You don’t walk; you march and all the other toddlers follow you whereever you decide to go.  When you want something, you are determined to get it (even if someone else already has it).  And when you poop, my lovely creature, you explode with such force I must throw you in the tub, clothes and all. 

The only thing I wish you’d do is say “mama.”  Well, say “mama” and sleep.  Please sleep! 

You’ve developed such a funny personality over this past year, humoring us with your facial expressions and hulk impression even tonight…

Happy 1st Birthday, Maya!  I love you bunches.  Love, Mommy


*For personal reasons, I have removed recent photos.  Friends and family may view them on my Facebook page.


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