Second Wind

Dare I say it?

Maya has slept through the night for (count ’em!) THREE nights in a row after months upon months of waking up repeatedly throughout the night.  My energy level has increased three-fold, which in turn has already trickled a stream of ideas into my empty well of creativity.  It’s a relief to feel that spark after living for a month or two with an infertile mind.  I was beginning to wonder if the sleepless nights induced a permanent drought. 

Yesterday, during my lunch-hour walk, I unloaded my movie reel and started watching the film in my head.  I immediately eliminated my first scene and questioned my second.  I thought about my protagonist’s primary goal- the main story.  I realized a subplot was taking center stage and I had some tough decisions to make.

The original primary goal should (properly driven) take the film in an action/adventure direction.  If I change things up and make the subplot the primary goal, my final product is a romantic comedy.  Thirty + random scenes I have already written flow in the latter vein, as do the personalities of my supporting cast, so…. 

The entire idea for the film sprang from a “what-if” scenario tucked into the subplot.  It’s my darling and it’s what inspires me, so I think I’d best do some brainstorming to see what other courses of action I can take to make this work.  I want my protagonist’s current primary goal to be a subplot instead.  I have my work cut out for me.

Maybe it’s a good thing Maya’s sitter is unavailable today.  I can hang out with the little miss for a while and then during her long afternoon nap (fingers crossed!) I can scramble up ideas and get this sucker back into gear.

Here we go…


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