Get Off My Frequency!

I awoke this morning with a tune by the Bee Gees shaking its disco butt through my head.  I have absolutely no idea why, and for that matter, I don’t even know the name of the songs or the lyrics.  Only the melody.  As I stood in the shower, my body involuntarily grooving from side to side, I thought of every step I took the day before and everything that was on televison- anything that might be the spark to the orgin of this madness.  Nothing.

I think someone out there in the world was listening to the Bee Gees and loving it SO much that their excited psychic energy flowed out into the world.  My brain, peacefully dreaming and in a state of influx between the real world and dream world, was open to receive this silliness.  Random bits of the music streamed through the air and slid into my dreaming brain-wave frequency.  It’s horrible in a 70s disco sort-of way.

At any rate, I threw open the curtains and the world revealed itself in muted tones of gray, which I happen to think is an auspicious sign.  Perfect day to cradle a mug of coffee and dream up some “tie-it-all-in” scenes for the screenplay. 

Now we have to convince Maya to cooperate.

And oust the Bee Gees from their hiding place in the sulci of my brain…


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