But, but… My dog ate my screenplay!

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate.  My mom’s dog ate pages of my screenplay.  Obviously I have it backed up on my laptop, but I’m left wondering:  Is this an omen?

Hmm…  Nope.  The dog is quite simply a pain in the ass is all. 

The screenplay is humming along.  I’m still having swordfights with the opening sequence, but other scenes are playing nicely with me.  My protagonist is growing on me.  His mannerisms have changed lately, which shifts the mood of the scenes ever so slightly.  They’re infused with meaning now instead of seeming shallow and flighty.

There’s something here.  I can feel it.  It helps that I’m no longer making excuses or indulging in time-wasters.  I’m focused when I sit down to write and I have a clear goal with each session. 

Intention and commitment make all the difference in the world.


2 thoughts on “But, but… My dog ate my screenplay!

  1. Good luck with the screenplay. My greatest enemy is my thought I can multitask many different projects at the same time. My attention span is little so it is hard for me to stay focused for long


    1. Thank you. My greatest enemy has been procrastination. I’ll work on it tomorrow… I’ll work on it tomorrow… Lately I’ve been making small goals to complete every night, even if it’s to move forward in my screenplay by one scene. It’s still one scene closer to finishing.


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