The Snail and I

We seem to have the lack of speed in common, the snail and I.  However, regardless of the speed in which I develop my story, I am moving forward. 

Working from the principle of kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of small, continuous improvement, I set manageable goals for myself every day.  I’m working slow and steady on an outline for the screenplay, and I completed the first act right on schedule.  This seemingly insignificant feat is somewhat of another breakthrough for me.  I broke down my ultimate goal of finishing the screenplay into nibble-size pieces and for the first time in… well, basically for the first time ever, I know I can accomplish this ultimate goal.  With one small task to complete every day,  I don’t feel overwhelmed.  In fact, I look forward to my writing sessions now.  I’m stoked to sit down and toss out some ideas and line them up in a screenplay.  I feel the excitement bubble inside when I realize that I most definitely can and will finish my screenplay.  Perhaps it won’t ever be optioned, but I’ll have the satisfaction in knowing that I completed it and the next one will be easier once I know a little bit more about the process. 

Act II, here I come creeping along.


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