Twists, Turns, Baby Poops, and Outlining

I am still plugging away on my outline.  I had hoped I would be finished with the outline and on to the scenes by now, but my days off did not go as planned.  As usual.  Why is it that whenever I plan a couple of days off, Maya and I invariably become violently ill?  No sniffles or sneezes this time; we were full-on into intense vomiting sessions, body aches, chills, and… other stuff.  My poor baby is still actively participating in the other stuff, which frequently requires an immediate hose-down from her armpits to her toes and an onslaught of disinfectant on all bathroom surfaces.  It’s practically a part of my daily routine now.  Fortunately, the teen seems to have a superhero immune system, so he’s in the clear.  Knock on wood…

At any rate, another twist in the storyline fell into my lap today.  I scribbled the idea into my notebook, pushed it aside, and then balanced my checkbook.  I’m not sure about it—the minor twist that is, not my ability to compute basic arithmetic.  I like it and in the overall scheme of things it won’t distract from the plot, but will it add a touch of oomph?  Because if it doesn’t, then it’s not worth the screen time, therefore it’s not worth the time it will take to tweak the plot.  So, I need to think about it.  Maybe sleep on it.  Yet, I don’t want to waste too much time waffling.  Ugh.  Writing.  I should probably just go for it and if it doesn’t work during a rewrite, then remove it, but keep on tapping away. 

Meanwhile, I have a dozen or so confessions to dream up.

If any of you sinners out there care to share your transgressions- especially the freaky-deaky ones, hit me up.  Truth is always far more interesting than fiction.


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