10 Pages and 2 Pounds

At this point, I am far behind my ideal count of 16 pages, but since I’m trying to write while working and caring for a sick toddler, I’ll cut myself some slack.  I’m still forging ahead, which is more than what I was previously doing.  10 pages in is awesome for me right now.  I AM going to finish it.  This month.  Period.

However, I could be pages ahead if I would STOP going back over what I’ve previously written and editing the material.  I need to keep moving forward and not look back until I’ve finished.  Bad, bad habit.  Any suggestions?  I need some serious help controlling my impulse to edit as I write.

On a bright note, Bob and Jillian have kicked my ass this past week and I’ve shed two pounds.  Well, that and I cut flavored cream, all traces of cherry Dr. Pepper, mindless snacking, and I am aware of every morsel of food that touches my lips.  Well worth it, though.  About five more pounds to go.  Sweet.

Maybe I’ll astound myself after all.


Ahhh!  I was completely in the flow during my lunch and spit out two pages of a sequence in half an hour, which is great for me.  I’m so excited and I have no one to tell- no one to share my excitement with.  At least, no one who understands.  Sucks.  So I’m telling you, oh wordpress void…


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