Act II

I’m a quarter of the way there, having completed my first act and moved into my second act yesterday.  I’m still so far behind on my page count for script frenzy.  I’m going to have to write an average of five pages a day if I want to meet my goal.  Right now I’m having trouble completing three.  Ugh. 

However, there is a glimpse of hope that this thing, this screenplay I’m squeezing out, is overall okay.  A few parts are terrible, this I am aware, but I keep writing anyway.  If I stop to critique every single word right now, I’ll never finish.  I felt spunky and nabbed a reader for what I have thus far written.  He wasn’t allowed to give editing suggestions at this point, but I’m sure he will do so later.  As he read, he laughed.  Real laughs, several times.  “It’s funny.  It’s actually good.”  (Said with surprise, I might add.)  This is a good sign considering he is brutally honest. 

Now, I understand that having someone say it’s pretty good means it could be suck-a-ra-dooey by industry standards, but it also means that within my little screenplay lies potential.  That’s what I get excited about. 

I need to take me and my potential to my kitchen table/desk and strap us in for some hardcore writing this weekend.  Never say die and all that jazz. 

Because act II is always a bitch.


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