The Day After the First Day of June

Oh, day after the first day of June!  What will you bring to me today?

First off, you will bring Generator 2nd Floor because yesterday you brought Generator 1st Floor and you, the second day of June, are really into sequels (you will have twenty-eight more sequels this month).

Secondly, you will be the LAST day to sign up to win the awesome HGTV Green Home.  Huzzah!

Thirdly, well, I don’t know what else you have planned.  I do know what I have planned: 

  • Enjoy a delicious, hot cup of coffee in my gigantic, hand-thrown, spun on the wheel pottery mug I picked up in Flagstaff years ago (hmmmmm…. coffee…..).
  • Give Maya a bath and hope that tonight, while I’m sitting six inches from the tub and completely engrossed in my book, she doesn’t squeeze out a few turds while joyfully splashing around and commence to play with them yet again (truly a disturbing sight, but fortunately she did NOT try to stick them in her mouth as she does everything else).
  • I will fix what’s broken in my screenplay.  No try, just do.  Something’s not right because I am one stuck girly.  Gotta push through.  Push, push, push. 
  • Shake my butt to Zumba.  Got my run in this morning, so tonight I can just shake it and have fun.

There you have it, day after the first day of June.  My plans.  How’s about you throw something completely fabulous into my day.  A proverbial blinged-out wrench into my schedule.  Like I receive daisies from some hot, random stranger or a free trip to Disneyland.  I’ll take it.  Both.  Either. 



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