Friday! Kick It Into Gear

I also think this is the perfect song to play while I’m running my ass off.  This song has an infectious energy that makes everyone want to kick ass at whatever they’re doing.  I think I’ll play it at our next softball game.  Maybe we’ll win one.  Aw, it’s okay.  We have fun anyway.  AND I didn’t strike out last time.  Smacked that ball and made it to base both times.  Rock.

No flowers or Disneyland yesterday, but I did have a free lunch delivered to my office.  Sweet.  While I ate my free lunch, I pulled my screenplay notes out of my purse and realized a forgotten piece of hazelnut chocolate had melted all over them.  I was a tad peeved- not at the coated notes, because those were salvageable, but at the wasted chocolate.  It was supposed to meet its demise in my mouth.  *Sigh*  Such is a life when you forget about things that have a propensity to melt.

Back to the real issue at hand:  I think I got stuck because I realized some things need to change in the screenplay.  I froze up.  I’ve decided what I need to do is continue to push through and finish it so that I have a completed projected to really screw up.  If I’m going to fail, I want to do it on a grand scale with flair.


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