Fresh from Dreamland

Don’t you just love those mornings when you wake with a smile on your face and a delicious feeling inside- the kind that follows a dream about a luscious meal and scorching sex?  Oh, my.  I feel fabulous this morning. 

However, my dreamland is a far more adventurous, life-affirming place than my reality.  I don’t think that’s how it should be.  The amazing sex and divine fare should be my reality and I should dream about doing my taxes or something similarly boring.  I’ve been putting off  pleasure for far too long, focusing solely on my kids and neglecting my own needs.  I feel myself slowly awakening from my monotonous life (and I have the seams from a softball embedded into my knee to prove it), but I crave a jolt that will snap me out of my own skin. 

Am I making sense here or is this mere babble?

Moving along a parallel thread, lately my mind is magnetized to an old friend.  I’m not sure why.  Little things trigger the process:  a mention of the city in which he lives, an article regarding a county he’s currently in, the release of an album by a music artist he really likes.  Of course, once you have someone/something on your mind, your brain searches for connections everywhere, with or without your conscious approval of the process.  I don’t know the reason behind the why him, and maybe there isn’t one.  Maybe some part of me deep down wishes there was a “why” however unrealistic.

Then again, why must I always be “realistic” about life.  It’s time more dreams came true.

Especially last night’s dream.

Happy Monday.


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