Help! I’m Camping With a Toddler

I am getting ready to go on my first brief, 4 day/3 night camping and hiking trip with my 20-month old toddler and I have absolutely no idea what to expect when it comes to kids and camping.  My son was a tween when he and I started camping, so no big deal there.  Even though my teen will be with us, I know camping with a spunky little girl will be a challenge.  However, I want to get her used to outdoor activities when she’s young so that she’ll (hopefully) love the great outdoors when she’s older.

We’re staying at a KOA, so we won’t be out in the middle of BFE in case of emergencies and there are showers available so I can hose down my (what I imagine will be) very dirty child.  I have a pack-n-play so she won’t crawl out at night, a fleece Halo sleepsack so she’ll stay warm in the high elevation (temps drop into the high 40s at night), and I bit the bullet and bought a Kelty kid carrier for our hiking trips.   

That being said, does anyone have any advice for camping with a rambunctious toddler?  What do you wish you would have done differently?  Was there something your toddler absolutely loved over all else or was exploring simply enough for them? 



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