A Diamond in the Roughage

I finished my screenplay. 

I’ve only shared that with two people until now, partly because if I told everyone around me, they would want to read it and that’s the last thing I want right now.  Which leads to the other part of my silence:  it sucks.  

Don’t get me wrong.  There are some funny moments, but…  Well, I’m not proud of it, so I don’t consider it truly finished.  It’s like when a dog eats a diamond ring.  Someone has to sift through the crap to find the diamond in the roughage, and then wash it, sterilize it, and shine it all up before displaying its brilliance to the world. 

I have to find my diamond.  It’s in there, lurking in the shadows of consonants and vowels, hiding within slug lines and sequences. 

Let the rewrites begin.


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