random bits

I made eggplant parmesan for the first time ever tonight.  Josh went back for thirds, so I assume it was pretty good, although Maya didn’t touch it.  She ate cheese.  That’s it.  Cheese and milk tonight.  Unusual for her.  The girl is going to have some bones of steel.

It bothers me that people can tweet a thousand times and post updates galore to Facebook, yet they’re “too busy” to see how their kids are doing.  Whatever.

Rewrites are a bitch. 

I would love some ice cream right now.  Preferrably something absurdly fattening and nearly too rich to eat.  The closest thing I have is an ice cube.  I have a feeling that won’t suffice.

My body keeps thinking the time is 1am and it wants to crash.  My mind wants to stay up later. 

Yawn….  Maybe not.  Mind is coming around to body’s frame of… er, mind.

I would like August to be finished.  Let’s get into September so that we’re one month closer to winter.  My body no likey this heat.



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