An Affair I Don’t Have To Remember

I’m having an affair.

Not the sordid kind replete with broken hearts and damaged relationships, but a lovely affair designed to shake things up and set my gait in the right direction again.  I do feel slightly guilty, given that I promised not to go down this road, however sometimes one has to take a chance on something new in order for the old to seem fresh again.

I am cheating on my screenplay.  I know I should take it through to the grand finale.  Press on until I have an impeccable manuscript.  I should present a work of art that when held high radiates light while the angels sing.  I am far from possessing such brilliance.  I am stuck and I have been stuck on the first revision for a while now.  So, I decided that although I promised not to start another project until this one was completely finished, I am tucking my script into bed to sleep for a few weeks- maybe a month- and I’m writing something else. 

We need to take a break, I said.  I had heard that line used somewhere before and thought it might be appropriate in this circumstance.  Screenplay said it understood and would patiently wait, but I don’t know.  I saw it ogling my Kindle as I walked away.   

My first thought was to return to a book I started exactly three years ago, but ultimately decided against it because that book is not an affair.  It’s too special to be a fling of any sort.  It’s a full-blown serious relationship.  Allowing myself to sink back into its plot and characters would mean the end of my screenplay for at least six months, maybe a year.  You don’t “take a break” and immediately fall into the arms of the lost love of your life.  A break implies a time-out of sorts.  A breather.  I needed something light to keep my fingers tapping and get me back into the groove of writing every single day

Hello, November 1st.  What perfect timing.  I had almost forgot:  Nanowrimo.  National Novel Writing Month.  50,000 in thirty days would definitely keep my fingers tapping and would give me the opportunity to create a storyline for a title I’ve always thought was on the verge of brilliant (I know it usually works the other way- first you create the story, and then title, but there are no rules in this affair):  The Critical Eye of the Legless Hooker.  It sounds sordid, but I promise you it isn’t. 

I started yesterday, but only typed out about 500 words.  Obviously I’ll need to increase that miniscule number.  BUT, it revved up my creativity and I have a new story I’m pounding out.  And at the end of thirty days, I won’t feel guilty shelving it. 

After all, it’s just an affair. 



2 thoughts on “An Affair I Don’t Have To Remember

  1. LOL, great post!
    There are dozens of broken writing relationships in my past. I have had one’s that only lasted a week or two, others years. There were even a few that I was sure where going to last until that new hot idea caught my eye and promised me things my old story couldn’t give me. I’m a bad bad person 🙂


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