Brainstorming to Mugs of Coffee and Bites of Nutella Cupcakes

Scriptfrenzy begins on Sunday, so I want to have some sort of outline prepared for my month of movie-writing madness.  I have two story ideas volleying in my head and I’m not sure in which direction I want to type, so I’m kind of pushing my mental deadline.  Both ideas fall into indie/rom-com genres and are definitely quirky.  I volunteered my friend Rachel to act as a sounding-board for my ideas and a second brain when I’m stuck.  I informed her of this today and she happily accepted because she thinks I’m the coolest shiatz ever.

Ok, she accepted because she’s a great friend who also loves to write.

Next matter:  Nutella cupcakes.  Wow.  I originally made a batch of mini-cakes for the potluck tomorrow, but had to make another batch for home after Maya freaked out when she tasted one.  She jumped up and down and waved her little arms above her head, “Please!  Please!  Now cake!  Caaaake!”  She even said thanks as she devoured her Nutella-drenched cupcakes.  Josh examined the larger cupcakes to see which ones might contain extra Nutella and then ate a couple.  I daintily nibbled on mine while sipping coffee.

I’m a liar.  I practically smashed the cupcake into my face.  So delicious.

One more thing:  Devil Dash.  That’s right, kids.  5K obstacle course mud run.  From their site:  Obstacles include climbing over cargo nets, running through the river, crawling through mud pits, darting through fire and trudging up steep terrain and much more…..  Devil Dash is an all day running event, complete with mud, blood, beer, cheer and live music!  Kick ass.  May 12.  Sin City.

Back to brainstorming…


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