Screnzy: Day 1

Day one of Script Frenzy and although I’m not exactly ready to begin the first scene, I have decided which story I’m going to develop.  I started to jot mini character sketches last night, but zoned out due to a capsule of Nyquil.  (Why do I always manage to become sick right before NaNo and Screnzy?  Psychophysiological manifestation of my fear of ineptitude and lack of creativity?  Gives me an excuse to not begin/continue/finish?  Hmm…)

At any rate, my darling girl woke me up at 6:30 this morning (so thoughtful of her), so I have an early start to tackle my mini sketches and revisit Viki King’s Inner Movie Method, which is full of great ideas to get the movie idea out of my head and into some sort of workable platform.

Another format that I think is indispensable is the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet from Save the Cat! He breaks the script down into 15 essential beats, such as the Opening Image, Catalyst, Break into Two, All is Lost, and he lists approximately on which page of your screenplay these beats should play out.  I won’t even attempt my screenplay until I have all 15 beats figured out.  You can download his beat sheet here.

Meanwhile, I have hungry girl who wants pancakes.  So, now my priorities are:  pancakes, character sketches, outline.  The toddler trumps writing.  Well, she trumps just about everything else.

Then again, how could I resist this face anyway?


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