Mundane to Magical: A 2 year-old’s Day in Pictures

Some days begin just like any other day.

You put your bucket on your head,

hang out with your brother,

and mess with other people by changing the time on their clock.

Then you get a feeling that today might be a really good day; the kind of day you’ll remember for a really long time- like, at least until you go to bed.  It starts when you’re walking around in Aunt Eileen’s yard and you find a bunch of plastic colored eggs.  They’re all over place!  In bushes, by rocks, inside the trunk of your tricycle.  It’s crazy.  Throwing them at the dogs is a riot, so you collect the eggs and stick them inside a bucket (though not the one you were wearing earlier) to launch a massive attack on Gizmo, and you run around and sing twinkle twinkle, little star at the top of your lungs because you can sing really, really good.  You mean good good.  Your mom even told you so, so it’s gotta be true.

Your mom shows you how to hit a ball, but you’re not sure she really knows what she’s doing until you swing and BAM!  You knock it almost six whole feet!  Holy smokes.  You think you have gift and you strut around, holding your bat high.

Your big brother gives you a “lesson,” but after he hits your mom several times in a row, you realize he’s just being a big brat.  But it is funny when she get whacked upside the head and again in her belly and you laugh a lot.  *sigh*  Josh is so funny.

You help out a friend when she can’t reach something on her own and that wears you out, so you kick back and recharge your batteries with a tall, cool glass of milk.  Your servant mom delivers lunch to you, but you don’t want to sit at the “kid” table.  Geez.  You need to seek out the advice of someone older and wiser, so it’s off to the grown-up table to see who’s available for a chat.  Unfortunately, they have no ideas on how to acheive world peace, either, nor do they know where you can find the nearest potty.  Not that you would use it yet, but it would be good to know just in case you want to sometime in the future.  Meanwhile, whereever you happen to be will work just fine.

Something cool is definitely going on today because Eileen just set a cupcake in front of your face.  You’re no dummy.  You know what to do next.

After you smash your face into it, drop it in the yard, and lick the frosting off of another cupcake, you begin to burn off the sugar rush by running around the yard.  As you spin around, you discover why today is so special:


Bubbles!  Magical, floaty, sparkly, popping bubbles!  You squeal with delight, dance around in circles, and try to grab them.

It’s Bubble Day.

You never know what the day will bring.

I hope your day was just as happy and magical.


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