Je t’aime

“Je t’aime.”  Today, Maya whispered those words in her sweet little girl voice.  Utterly adorable.  God I love that little girl.

Other cool things as of late:

I’m nearly finished reading The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler.  Great reference book.  Highly recommended, especially if you’ve been struggling through your writing.  I’m breaking through some mini-barriers thanks to it.

We completed the 5k Devil Dash in Las Vegas last weekend.  The heat was brutal, but the obstacles were, dare I say, easy.  However, we had fun and people took many terribly unflattering pictures of me.  For some odd reason, I have the goofiest expressions on my face in pretty much every single picture.  Rachel said we need to practice looking normal.  I’m not quite sure what that says about us…  I am looking forward to the New Harmony 10K obstacle course mud run next month.  Hopefully it will be a tad more challenging.  Must register soon.  (Interested?  Check it out here.)

I have discovered a new love this year and I am completely obsessed.  It all started with the Color Run.  I have to say, if the Color Run is in a city near you, by all means PARTICIPATE!  It’s great fun and proceeds are for charity.  You don’t even have to be super-fit.  Walk it.  Jog it.  Crawl it.  No one cares.  Good cheer and awesomeness abounds.  I’m not even kidding one bit.

Tasted more sweetness with the Devil Dash.  Now I must do more, which means training for the ultimate mud run:  Tough Mudder.  Glory be.  When I saw this clip, butterflies of joy filled my body.  Not even kidding.  I’m busting my butt out the door before 0530 to get in a solid run before the sun rises high and I’m strength training several times a week.

Josh said that I’m insane.

“For me, insanity would be not doing it,” I replied.  Surprisingly, he couldn’t argue my point, which is unusual for a teenager.

October.  Hells yeah.  And I’m going to practice my “normal” face so that I don’t look like this:

Or this:

Or do this:

Or this:

(In all fairness, I did almost get kicked in the face while crawling through muddy water under barbed wire, so…)  Or this:

The only shot I looked half-normal in was in the movie theater, mouth full of Twizzlers, and wearing 3D glasses.  My first 3D movie, I might add.

It’s been a busy month and I suspect my life is not going to slow down anytime soon.

It hit me that if I can accomplish all of this, I can do anything I set my mind to, and I’m acting like it.

We can do anything.

3 thoughts on “Je t’aime

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  1. I like the Tough Mudder, i need to do it again one of these years, it’s a very fun event! The pictures gave me a laugh!
    “For me, insanity would be not doing it,” I replied. – Too great because I would have had the same reply! I am definitely interested and inspired to go ahead and find a Color Run near me!
    Have you ever thought about doing a Spartan Race?
    Thanks for the post and God Bless!


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